ALP Director Elections & AGM

Alberta Lamb Producers Annual General Meeting November 28, 2020

Download the 2019-20 AGM Meeting Package below.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Alberta Lamb Producers held its 2020 Annual General Meeting virtually, where we saw 38 producers and guests in attendance.

ALP's Chair, Ryan Greir gave warmly received opening remarks. The ALP business meeting followed with Director Acclamation speeches. There were two Director-at-large positions open on the 2020/21 ALP board. Two eligible producers submitted valid nominations forms before the July 31, 2020 deadline to be entered as candidates in the 2020 election. As there were only a sufficient number of valid nominations to meet the number of positions, no election was needed to be held this year. The two nominated producers were to be acclaimed to the board at the ALP AGM on November 28th. One of the eligible producers who submitted a valid nomination made the decision to withdraw their name in October 2020, therefore leaving one current opening on the 2020/21 ALP board.

Due to Alberta Lamb Producers Plan Regulation AR 263/2001, s. 34 Election of directors, it is clear that the authority for nominations is to be once a year, so an additional call for nominations in the 2020 calendar year, is not aligned with the regulation. Subsection (9) states that if the position is vacant (after following the nomination process), the Commission must in accordance with section 20, move forward with filling the position by appointing from among eligible producers. ALP followed due process for nominations and would be adhering to our regulation by appointing as per s. 20 of the regulation, to fill the newly vacant position.

ALP has one Interim Director-at-large position available and will be recruiting to fill the position after the AGM, as per our plan regulation.

ALP has successfully filled the other Director-at-large position and is pleased to announce that Judy Buck who was a nominated producer, was acclaimed at the AGM. 

Following the new Director speech was Shannon Troke from King & Company Chartered Accountants, reviewing the 2019/20 financial statements, ALP Finance Chair Karl Denwood, presented the 2020/21 budget with fellow board members, and Executive Director, Ashley Scott, presenting the  ALP activity update.

We also had Seyed Ali Goldansaz, in attendance and he presented us with a Pregnancy Detection Research Study update. ALP would like to thank Ali for joining us at our AGM and providing this information to our producers.

ALP extends a sincere thank-you to outgoing directors, Josh Korpan and Kevin Spahich, for their time and efforts while serving on the board this past year.

ALP received only one, proposed producer resolution by the submission deadline. Please see the submission below, with details about the proposed resolution.

Proposed Resolution: Alberta Lamb Producers to approach CSF to establish alternate suppliers of CSIP tags.

Details about proposed resolution: CCWG having such a monopoly on the distribution of CSIP tags is not in the best interest of lamb producers. Tags should be readily accessible to all producers at a local retail level, producers should not have to rely on mail order. It should be modeled after CCIA; a more progressive system.

Producers were given time during the business meeting to discuss the proposed resolution.

Final results for the resolution vote are as follows:

 Votes For: 7

Votes Against:17

Votes Abstain: 1


The AGM is only one evening - we want to hear from you throughout the year!  ALP is YOUR producer organization. Communicating with directors and staff will ensure you are getting the most from your check-off dollars.  If you ever have concerns, comments, tips on what we can do better - or just want to say hello - please feel free to contact the directors or the office for a chat. Directors are always available on the phone or email to discuss any concerns that producers have at any time of the year.


Why one AGM?

This 2018 AGM replaced the Zone Meetings that were previously held around the province. The ALP Board initiated these changes in 2016 and producers voted on them at the 2016 Zone Meetings. Previously, ALP hosted 5-7 Zone Meetings every fall throughout the province. Each Zone Meeting came at a cost of approximately $3000 and producer attendance at these meetings steadily decreased to the situation where sometimes there was not quorum (which was 7 eligible producers). With decreased access to government funding, the ALP Board seriously examined whether spending $3000 on seven eligible producers was an effective use of producer check-off. Holding one AGM allows us to bring in more speakers on more topics of interest to producers. ALP will move this AGM to different areas of the province each year. Directors are always available on the phone or email to discuss any concerns that producers have at any time of the year.