ALP Director Elections & AGM

ALP's AGM & Election Results

The Alberta Lamb Producers held its 2023 Annual General Meeting on Saturday November 18, 2023 when we saw 77 producers and guests in attendance (both in-person at the Red Deer Resort & Casino and virtually on Zoom). ALP's Chair, Emilie Wilson, started the meeting with warm remarks and board introductions, and also drew attention to the important industry stakeholders who were in attendance on our call. Emilie also reviewed ALP’s revised mission and vision, along with the newly established values for the organization.

The ALP business meeting followed, with Director acclamation and Director-in-training speeches. There were four Director-at-large positions open on the 2023/24 ALP board. Three eligible producers submitted valid nomination forms before the July 31, 2023 deadline to be entered as candidates in the 2023 election. As we received three valid nomination forms for the four Director-at-large positions, no election was needed to be held this year. ALP is pleased to announce that Jordan Allen, Martin Winchell and Darlene Hawco, were acclaimed at the AGM.  ALP will have one Interim Director-at-large position available and will be recruiting to fill the position after the AGM, as per our Plan Regulation. ALP was also pleased to announce that Jessica Chitwood has filled the vacant Director-in-training position.

Following the new Director and Director in Training speeches, Shannon Troke from King & Company Chartered Accountants reviewed the 2022/23 financial statements. ALP Finance Chair Judy Buck presented the 2023/24 budget, with Emilie Wilson (Chair) and Jordan Allen (Vice-Chair) presenting the ALP activity updates.
To submit a resolution for discussion at this year’s AGM, eligible Alberta Lamb Producers needed to complete our resolution form and submit it to the ALP office by September 15, 2023. Proposed resolutions would not be accepted past this deadline or from the floor at the AGM. ALP did not receive any proposed resolutions by our submission deadline of September 15, 2023, therefore there will be no conversation at the AGM regarding Resolutions.

ALP also extends a sincere thank-you to outgoing directors Judy Buck and Nicole Schieck, for their dedication, time and effort while serving on the board.

The AGM is only one evening—we want to hear from you throughout the year.  ALP is YOUR producer organization. Communicating with directors and staff will ensure you are getting the most from your check-off dollars.  If you ever have concerns, comments, tips on what we can do better—or just want to say hello—please feel free to contact the directors or the office for a chat. Director and staff contact information is available on the ALP website and in every N'ewesletter.

View the 2023 AGM Meeting Package 

View the AGM Meeting Minutes 2023 (to be approved by producers at the 2024 AGM)

 Why one AGM?

This 2018 AGM replaced the Zone Meetings that were previously held around the province. The ALP Board initiated these changes in 2016 and producers voted on them at the 2016 Zone Meetings. Previously, ALP hosted 5-7 Zone Meetings every fall throughout the province. Each Zone Meeting came at a cost of approximately $3000 and producer attendance at these meetings steadily decreased to the situation where sometimes there was not quorum (which was 7 eligible producers). With decreased access to government funding, the ALP Board seriously examined whether spending $3000 on seven eligible producers was an effective use of producer check-off. Holding one AGM allows us to bring in more speakers on more topics of interest to producers. ALP will move this AGM to different areas of the province each year. Directors are always available on the phone or email to discuss any concerns that producers have at any time of the year.