Joining the ALP Board

Director in Training 
Alberta Lamb Producers (ALP) Director-in-Training Program was developed to engage membership and stimulate Board succession planning.  A Board appointed eligible producer may participate in ALP Board meetings as a non-voting director to gain exposure to how the ALP Board operates and to become familiar with a number of topics that are critical to the current and future industry.
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Director elections are held in the years when there are openings on the board, either due to directors completing their terms at the next AGM or that have left the board for other reasons. An official nomination is required to enter into the director election, and can be submitted at any point during the year, however is due on the same day as the ALP fiscal year-end. The nomination form includes eligibility declarations and request for profile information. A call for nominations will be made at the board’s discretion during the months leading up to the closing date for nominations. After the closing date for nominations, if there is only a sufficient number of valid nominations to meet the number of vacant board positions, no election will be held that year.  Nominated producers will be acclaimed to the board at the ALP AGM.
2024/25 Director Nomination Form
ALP Director Description
Director Expense Policy

To gauge the specific skills and representation of different sectors of the sheep-industry on the board, a skills matrix has been developed and is updated as directors leave and join the board.

In the event, that a director leaves the board at anytime other than the AGM, the board may make a written application to Marketing Council to appoint a replacement. In choosing a replacement the board may consider current directors-in-training and/or potential gaps in the skills matrix. If the application is accepted, the appointed director’s term would be until the following AGM.  The individual must complete the nomination and election/acclamation process before joining the board as a full director.