"Biosecurity" refers to those precautions taken to reduce the risk of introducing livestock diseases to a farm or region where they do not already exist.

Alberta's agri-food industry is constantly improving biosecurity practices to prevent incidental spread of disease among livestock.

For an overview of biosecurity principles see the ALP Biosecurity factsheet

Alberta Lamb Producers is representing the Alberta sheep industry at consultation meetings with the Alberta government and other commodity groups. For more information please visit the Biosecurity in Alberta website.

The Alberta Veterinary Medical Association has a variety of biosecurity publications available on their website, including the Lamb Biosecurity Booklet, developed in cooperation with Alberta Lamb Producers. 

The Voluntary National Sheep On-Farm Biosecurity Standard and Planning Guide are available. The Standard and Planning Guide were developed by producers, veterinarians and other industry experts, using CFIA guidelines. The Planning Guide provides a step-by-step approach to implementing a biosecurity plan that will fit the unique requirement of your flock.  

Two videos on ALP's YouTube channel, Sheep Central Alberta, provide an overview of biosecurity (Part 1) and a guide on how to use the National Biosecurity Standard and Planning Guide (Part B). 


Check the Canadian Agricultural Partnership website for the availability of funding to help make improvements to on-farm biosecurity.