Alberta Sheep Centre

Agriculture Centre, Airdrie

Alberta Sheep Centre

The Alberta Sheep Centre, a partnership between ALP, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and Industry, is available to all Alberta sheep industry members for meetings, workshops, seminars, etc at no charge.

Displays of the diverse aspects of the sheep industry in Alberta are on show. If you have something of interest to the industry, we invite you to loan or donate it to the centre for everyone to enjoy. There is also space for artists to display their work, either on a loan or on a consignment basis.

The Alberta Sheep Centre is equally suitable for gatherings around the table or for smaller meetings, over coffee, in the sitting area. There is a small kitchen area with a refrigerator, which will allow you to serve coffee, light lunches or snacks.

The centre is also equipped with a whiteboard and a projection screen; an LCD projector is available for use for a nominal charge.

This room has been used for many government and industry meetings, where it is possible to view the opportunities and diversity of the Alberta sheep industry. The Alberta Sheep Centre is available for use right now, so please take the opportunity to use it. If you are passing through Airdrie, stop in and see your industry showcase.