Manure and Deadstock Management

All producers need to deal with on-farm mortalities and handling of manure.  As well as being regulated by Provincial laws, the use of effective handling and disposal methods helps minimize the spread of disease on your farm and can limit the number of predators drawn to your property through scavenging.


Setting It Up: Sheep Infrastructure (ALP Management Module):  This module provides information for setting up facilities to effectively manage manure and deadstock.

Composting Sheep and Lambs (ALP factsheet)

On-Farm Management of Dead Sheep and Lamb (Alberta Agriculture and Forestry fact sheet)

Livestock Mortality Management (Disposal) (Alberta Agriculture and Forestry handbook) 

Disposal of Dead Animals Regulations (Provincial Regulations)

Nutrient Management Planning Guide (including link to Manure Management Planner - Alberta Agriculture and Forestry website) 

Note:  Growing Forward 2 programs, such as the On-Farm Stewardship program, may provide funding for certain aspects of nutrient management.  Visit the GF2 website to learn more.