Reproduction and Genetics

  • Sheep and Goat Management in Alberta: Reproduction (ALP Management Module): Optimum reproduction is the cornerstone of successful sheep rearing and key to the profitability of the production unit. The objective of this text is to provide a solid understanding of what is normal, what is abnormal, and what can be done to improve herd or flock productivity.
  • Building Better Lambs: Terminal sires.

The Lakeland Carcass Sire (LCS) project, conducted at Lakeland College, Vermilion, Alberta, was designed to compare the growth and carcass characteristics of lambs sired by the five terminal sire breeds commonly used in Western Canada. Factsheets are available to provide information on using, selecting and managing terminal sires as well as using performance records.

Building Better Lambs 1: Using Terminal Sires

Building Better Lambs 2: Selecting Terminal Sires

Building Better Lambs 3: How to Use Performance Records

Building Better Lambs 4: Managing Rams

  • Videos on ALP's YouTube channel, Sheep Central Alberta