Management Modules

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Predation Management with a Focus on Coyotes

Predation Management cover

In most areas of Canada, managing predation must become an integral component of sheep management systems, similar to parasite management and flock nutrition, to ensure optimum production from the ewe flock. The intent of this manual is to provide practical predation management options, along with pertinent background information on the primary predator species sheep producers in Alberta encounter. Although sheep are lost to a number of different predators, coyotes remain the number one predator of sheep and lambs in Canada and will be the primary focus of this manual.

Predation Management with a Focus on Coyotes (pdf)

Marketing Your Lambs

Marketing your lambs cover

What is the best way to market your lambs?

The purpose of this module--Marketing Your Lambs--is to outline the marketing choices available to you as a lamb producer and to explore the opportunities and demands associated with each. The first part of the module will introduce lamb market opportunities in more detail to show the drivers of lamb production and lamb meat marketing. The second part of the module will introduce and explore each of these market options. We’ll review the advantages and challenges associated with each, and provide tips for selling into each market. Finally, the module will touch on other market considerations related to the marketing of lambs. We’ll point you to the many excellent resources on the Alberta Lamb Producers’ website, as well as other industry and government sites. The information in this module is intended to give producers the insight they need to build their skills in marketing their lambs.

This publication has been made possible through joint funding from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, and Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency.

Marketing Your Lambs (pdf)

An Introduction to Managed Grazing

managed grazing cover

With ever-increasing land and feed costs lamb producers are looking to make the most of their pastures.  Managed grazing helps get the most out of pastures by looking after the forages and improving pasture productivity; by selecting forages that can help extend the grazing season and reduce ‘days on feed’; and by managing pastures to meet the nutritional needs of a flock. This module covers the proper techniques for pasture rotation, paddock management and the pros and cons of each type of forage that is available in Western Canada.This publication has been made possible through joint funding from Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, and Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency.

An Introduction to Managed Grazing (pdf)

Setting It Up: Sheep Infrastructure

sheep infrastructure cover

Where to start? How to expand efficiently? How do I lay out my farm to cut down on my workload? What are the most efficient penning structures? What tools can save me time?  Whether you are new to the sheep industry, or a veteran, this collection of operational best practices is invaluable!

The Infrastructure module was designed to help producers create the most cost-and time – effective operation possible.  To run a profitable sheep business, producers need to take advantage of every tip, strategy and tool they can.  This manual has gathered that information into a one-stop resource. 

Topics covered include: Farm planning, Information management, Buildings and penning, Utilities, Feed and water considerations, Fencing and Handling, Manure and Deadstock management.

The on-line module provides a brief description of each topic and each numbered heading links to specific information on that topic.  To access the information contained in the module, open the module, and click on the title of the numbered document you wish to view.

Setting it Up: Sheep Infrastructure (pdf)

Shepherding 101 - Getting Started

shepherding 101 getting started cover

If you are new to the sheep industry, or want to learn more about raising quality market lambs, Shepherding 101 – Getting Started can help.  This practical and easy to understand resource was created for people thinking about getting into sheep or expanding their flocks, and serves as an excellent refresher for established producers as well.   The module covers a variety of topics, including: an introduction to sheep, considerations setting up facilities, feeding & nutrition, breeding & reproduction, flock health, marketing, and much more.

This module and the Shepherding 101 – Getting Started course have been created as part of the Resources and Tools project.  Our thanks go to Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development for their assistance and Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency for funding.

Shepherding 101 – Getting Started (pdf)

The Busine$$ of Sheep

Business of sheep cover

Collaboration between ALP and Alberta Agriculture in the Precision Flock Management project, with funding from the Alberta Livestock & Meat Agency, enabled this module to be created.  This module is available on-line for free viewing or download.

The Busine$$ of Sheep was created for experienced producers as well as for people who are just thinking about getting into sheep production.

Provided with the module are some tools to help you create information to help you make good business decisions, including the Flock Snapshot, a sample business plan and a set of worksheets.  All of these are downloadable from the module.

The Busine$$ of Sheep (pdf)

Flock Snapshot

The Flock Snapshot is a sheep enterprise specific Cost of Production tool. This means that it was designed to tell us only if our sheep enterprise is making money. The idea behind the Flock Snapshot is to combine our sheep enterprise’s financial information and our flock information to make sense of this data. It analyzes the information into performance measures such as cost per lamb sold, income per lamb sold, labour cost/lamb, feed cost/lamb, etc.

Download Flock Snapshot (xls)

Sheep and Goat Management in Alberta

sgma cover

A cover and
acknowledgements page

is also available.

A collaborative project between the Alberta Lamb Producers and Alberta Goat Breeders Association has produced three comprehensive modules on the topics of reproduction, nutrition, and health of sheep and goats in Alberta.  Orginally published in 2009, the three modules were reviewed, updated and reprinted in 2018, thanks to Growing Forward 2 funding.

Reproduction, Health and Nutrition modules are available by clicking on the links below. These modules are available for purchase on CD and in limited print format but, in order to conserve resources; we encourage producers to use the online version.

Sheep and Goat Management in Alberta - Reproduction (pdf)

sgma reproduction cover

Sheep and Goat Management in Alberta - Nutrition (pdf)

sgma nutrition cover