Wool and Shearing

Shearing & Animal Welfare:

Wool growth is continuous and, with the exception of 'hair' breeds, all sheep need to be sheared.  Shearing as needed or at least annually, is neccessary to minimize animal health and welfare problems, such as:

  • difficulty moving
  • becoming cast (unable to rise)
  • external parasites
  • wool blindness
  • flystrike
  • overheating

The Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Sheep states that regular shearing is a 'Required' practice for animal welfare.  Read the ALP factsheet 'Shearing and Animal Welfare'.

Use the resources listed below to learn more about shearing and how you can make the most from your wool.

  • Canadian Cooperative Wool Growers (CCWG) Resources: Click this link to visit the CCWG website to access these resources relating to wool preparation and shearing:  
    • Code of Practice for Wool Preparation
    • Before Shearing / Shearing Tips
    • Use Sheep Behaviour to your Advantage
    • Sample Wool Grading Statement
    • Fleece Judging Score Card
    • Electric Wool Baler
    • Fleece Sorting Table Plans
    • Plans for a Fleece Packing Frame
    • Plans for Horizontal Square Wool Press
    • Plans for a Rectangular Wool Sack Stand
    • Using Paint & Markers to Identify Sheep
    • Wool Production in Canada (booklet)

Alberta Lamb Producers is proud to announce their new partnership with The Campaign for Wool Canada and The Canadian Wool Council. Through this partnership, the two organizations will be looking at future research and commercial projects that will benefit sheep producers in Alberta while also supporting national and international efforts to rebrand and revalue Albertan/Canadian wool.

The Campaign for Wool Canada/The Canadian Wool Council currently has two research studies underway that will be supported by Alberta Lamb Producers, and look for any input or ideas from members:

The Shearing Plan

Shearing was identified as an area of priority need in The Campaign for Wool’s/The Canadian Wool Council’s recent strategic plan. The Shearing Plan will look at Canada’s shearing needs in order to create access to high-quality, affordable shearing for the entire sheep industry. Proposed ideas include a Canada-wide standard for shearing education and testing, recruitment, international apprenticeships, the potential for a free-shearing model and other solutions based upon feedback from the industry.

The Upholstery Plan

Following the success of the Carpet Plan, The Campaign for Wool Canada/The Canadian Wool Council have created the Upholstery Plan that follows the same strategic initiatives. The Upholstery Plan will evaluate the potential of creating 100% Canadian wool upholstery textiles for use in Canadian furniture, automotive, and aerospace manufacturing. It will look at processing, manufacturing, distributor and design partners as well as potential export markets.

If you are interested in contributing to either project, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Wool Textile Organisation

The Campaign for Wool Canada/The Canadian Wool Council recently secured Canada’s first ever seat at the International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO), the voice of the global wool trade. Working with the IWTO will amplify Canada’s voice on the global stage and will create opportunities for partnerships with members from other countries. Canada’s delegation has representatives on each of the organization’s working groups including Market Intelligence, Product Wellness, Sustainable Practices, Biosecurity, Wool Sheep Welfare and Wool Interiors where Canadian Carol Sebert serves as Chair.

If you are interested in supporting the work of the Canadian Delegation to the IWTO please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Wool Month 2022

The Campaign for Wool Canada/The Canadian Wool Council recently wrapped up a successful Canadian Wool Month this October. Wool Month is a global celebration of wool’s applications across a variety of industries. Projects in interiors, fine art and fashion help to explore practical uses for Canadian wool and showcase the talents of the Canadians who transform it.

Click here to shop our 2022 Wool Month Fashion Project

The Fabric of Canada

A series of short films called The Fabric of Canada were also released as part of Wool Month. The Fabric of Canada is part of the Campaign for Wool Canada’s/The Canadian Wool Council’s strategic initiative to rebrand and revalue Canadian wool. The films are a series of documentary shorts that tell four different stories about our wool and the Canadians who transform it. Each video shows how Canadian wool’s unique properties lend it to endless possibilities.

Click here to view the films

Point-of-Sale Kits

The Campaign for Wool Canada/The Canadian Wool Council would also like to support Alberta producers who sell their own wool and wool products with Point-of-Sale Kits. Each kit contains material that describes the benefits of wool to consumers and position Alberta/Canadian wool as a premium fibre. To receive your complimentary kit please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Visit https://campaignforwool.ca

Follow the Campaign for Wool Canada on Facebook and Instagram

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