Proposed Changes to National Traceability Programs 2018-2019

Regulatory changes are coming to national livestock traceability in Canada. 

In 2006, federal, provincial and territorial ministers of agriculture announced the need to develop a national agriculture and food traceability system, starting with livestock and poultry. An industry-government advisory committee was created to discuss the design and implementation of the proposed traceability system.

The CFIA conducted two rounds of national consultations in 2013 and 2015 on proposed amendments to the Health of Animals Regulations dealing with livestock identification and traceability.   Following the publication of the proposed regulations in Part I of the Canada Gazette (, stakeholders will have 75 days to review and provide comment. The CFIA will review and consider all comments received prior to finalizing the regulation amendments and publishing them in Part II of the Canada Gazette. Once published in Part II of the Canada Gazette the regulations will be considered final and immediately come into force.

Newsletters developed by the Regulatory Implementation Committee are posted below. These updates provide details about the changes and why they are needed.  It is expected that additional Newsletters will be circulated before the publication of the proposed regulations in Part I of the Canada Gazette.