Predation Control

  • Predation Management (ALP Management Module):In most areas of Canada, managing predation must become an integral component of sheep management systems, similar to parasite management and flock nutrition, to ensure optimum production from the ewe flock. The intent of this manual is to provide practical predation management options, along with pertinent background information on the primary predator species sheep producers in Alberta encounter. Although sheep are lost to a number of different predators, coyotes remain the number one predator of sheep and lambs in Canada and will be the primary focus of this manual.
  • Predation Management with a focus on Coyotes (presentation given at the 2014 ALP zone meetings (pdf). To view speaker notes hover your cursor over (or touch) the adobe bubble symbol at the top left corner of each slide.)
  • Shepherding 101: Predation (video on ALP's YouTube channel, Sheep Central Alberta)  

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