Nutrition and Grazing Management


  • Sheep and Goat Management in Alberta: Nutrition (ALP Management Module): Feed is the single largest cost associated with raising small ruminants, typically accounting for 60% or more of total production costs.  The quality of nutrition exerts a huge influence on flock health, reproduction, milk production, and lamb growth. This document provides information about the sheep digestive system, nutrient requirements, feedstuffs and feeding management. 
  • 'Feeding Your Flock When hay is Limited' webinar with Dale Engstrom: Nov 14, 2015

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SheepBytes Ration Balancer is an on-line program specifically designed to balance cost-effective feed rations for all types of sheep.  To learn more about SheepBytes and to access the video tutorial, go to


Grazing Management:

  • An Introduction to Managed Grazing (ALP Management Module): With ever-increasing land and feed costs lamb producers are looking to make the most of their pastures. Managed grazing helps get the most out of pastures by looking after the forages and improving pasture productivity; by selecting forages that can help extend the grazing season and reduce ‘days on feed’; and by managing pastures to meet the nutritional needs of a flock. This module covers the proper techniques for pasture rotation, paddock management and the pros and cons of each type of forage that is available in Western Canada.
  • Videos on ALP's YouTube channel, Sheep Central Alberta: