ALP Producer Proposed Resolution Structure

ALP made  changes to the way that eligible producers can submit Proposed Resolutions that are discussed and voted on by eligible producers at our Annual General meeting. Effective today and moving forward into 2021 and onwards, eligible Producers will be able to submit proposed resolutions year-round for board consideration, with a cutoff date for submission being a few weeks prior to the AGM.

By providing eligible producers the opportunity to submit year-round submission, it allows the board and staff to research and provide information to the proposed resolution(s) in advance of the AGM, to help make the discussion more effective at the AGM before the voting period begins.

To submit a resolution for discussion at the 2024 AGM, please complete our resolution form and submit to the ALP office. 

Resolution Form
NEW ALP Resolution Procedure

ALP Resolution forms must be returned to Alberta Lamb Producers by September 15, 2024 to be considered eligible. Proposed resolutions will not be accepted past this deadline or from the floor at the AGM.