Animal Movement (Livestock Manifests)

Livestock Manifests

Under Alberta’s Livestock Identification and Commerce Act (LICA), a completed Alberta Livestock Manifest is required when Alberta sheep are transported or driven within the province or to a destination outside the province. Alberta livestock manifests are available from Livestock Identification Services Ltd. at 1-866-509-2088 or Manifests may also be available from Alberta Agriculture offices, auctions and other locations (including the ALP office).  Use the 'Traceabiltiy Connects' service on the Alberta Agriculture website to search for a provider in your area. 

For help with completing a livestock manifest, download this guide on How to Complete the Alberta Livestock Manifest (pdf).

Sales transactions

When sheep are sold, the sale transaction must be documented in writing by either a bill of sale prepared by the owner or a settlement statement prepared by the purchaser or a livestock dealer on behalf of the seller or the purchaser. The person who sells sheep must disclose whether they are the owner or a livestock dealer acting on behalf of the owner. Also, when sheep are sold, the owner must provide a written livestock security interest declaration to the purchaser or to the livestock dealer acting on behalf of the owner. This declaration can be completed on the livestock manifest or on a separate form.

For more information read the 'Traceability and Transporting Alberta Sheep' page on the Alberta Agriculture website.

Remember - Before Transporting Sheep and Lambs...