Lambing and Caring for Lambs

The number of lambs you market has a direct impact on the profitability of your flock. Most lamb mortalities occur during or shortly after birth.  Investing the time and effort into ensuring your lambs are given the best start possible will pay off with more live lambs.  Taking care of lambs begins with ensuring your ewes are well taken care during pregnancy, particularly during the last four to six weeks of gestation.  See the ALP Reproduction and Nutrition modules for more details about ewe management. 

Sample Lambing Record Templates
Template one
Template two

Preparing for Lambing and Difficult Births (also see ALP video below):

Caring for Hypothermic Lambs:

Castration and Tail Docking:

Neonatal Lamb Post-Mortem Resources (Also see 'Neonatal Management' webinar with Lynn Tait, below)

Mastitis:   Mastitis in Ewes (ALP fact sheet)

Early Weaning:  Early Weaning Protocol (ALP fact sheet)

Videos on ALP's YouTube channel, Sheep Central Alberta

Part of the Shepherding 101 series

'Neonatal Management' webinar with Dr.Lynn Tait